How To Download Songs On Spotify And Listen to Music Offline

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How To Download Songs On Spotify Premium 2024

Spotify premium Apk users can use multiple services without an internet connection. They can use playlists and podcasts, ad-free, ad-supported tier listens offline, and Download albums.

Spotify gives no-stop, exciting music with many features like offline. You can easily download 10000 songs on 5 different devices. I’m very excited to Share this post because you can enjoy your favorite songs without a wifi connection. Here’s a process of Download Music on your Devices.

How to Download Songs On Spotify?

Suppose you want to Download Music offline. Then, you must have a premium account. Premium Account Currently Subscription price is 9.99.

  • Step1. Open the Spotify app
  • Step2. Then, Go to your library
  • Step3. Select your favorite playlist or Album
  • Step4. Then, click on the Download Button
  • After the Downloading process is complete then,
  • Step5 . Go to your Library, view your offline music, and Enjoy!

Can we Download Spotify Songs?

No, You can’t Download songs. These features use only premium user. If you are not a premium user. You can listen to online music and podcasts. For downloading Spotify songs, First of all, You will create a playlist, add songs, and then Download The playlist. It’s a time-consuming process.

Spotify Download Limits for Premium Users

Spotify premium users have extremely high limits to downloading songs. Spotify allows its users can download 10000 songs on five devices. It means every single user can download 50000 songs at one time. 

If you are a music lover then, It’s worth it for premium users. Every premium member is Happy with this limit.

How to Download Albums And Playlist?

  • Step1. Open the Spotify app on your phone and log in.
  • Step2. Select your favorite playlist
  • Step3. Click on the Download button.  Now, your playlist or albums are available offline.

How to Download Music from Spotify On Mobile

Spotify interface is the same for both Android and iOS.

Download songs on Spotify,  select your favorite podcast and albums, and click the drop-down arrow. When the download completes, the arrow is green for every song.  Step By Step Guidance: Step1. Launch the Spotify app on your Android or iOS devices and Log in to your premium account. Step2. In the Bottom screen Right corner, Click on Your Library

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Tap the playlist or album. Then, Tap the Download button. Its toggle is green for each song when the download is complete.

How to Download Songs on a Computer

  • 1. Login to your account on a Computer Or Mac.
  • 2. Tap your library on the left side menu.
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3. click on your favorite albums and playlist.  Then, click on the download button. Next is the Green play button.

When the button is green your playlist and albums will immediately be Downloaded. After the Downloading process is complete, your music, songs, and playlist are available offline. Now, you can access your library in the corner of the screen.


In this post. we talked about how to download songs on Spotify, Then Detail explains how to play music on Spotify offline and online. And Finally, Explain On how to Download Songs from Spotify on Mobile and Computer.

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